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I have a VERY BIG PROBLEM. Well, it is not so BIG, it is not VERY and it is not even a PROBLEM. 😊 But this post and the following ones may be a PROBLEM. 😊 Not for me, but for some of us.

Why? Because I don’t believe in SIN. Actually, I don’t believe in idea of SIN. I can understand the idea, I can understand the reasons behind this idea, but I don’t believe in SIN.

For me, SIN doesn’t exist. And, please, don’t try to convince me that SIN exist! You waste your time and may come frustrated.

For me, there is ACTIONS and RESULTS. Appropriate ACTIONS and appropriate RESULTS. Or suitable. Or adequate. But not SIN.

Why? I’ll tell you in the following article. Because I need time to put in appropriate words what I have in my mind. In order to have a clear message about it. It is very clear in that part of my mind where words have no power because they didn’t exist.

Thank you!

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