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I have no problem with the SIN!

I have no problem with the SIN. I have a problem with the feeling of being guilty associated to the SIN. That feeling of guilty that makes you live like a victim. That feeling of guilty that blocks every possible move you can. That feeling of guilty that doesn’t make you to believe that other possibilities are there for you. That feeling of guilty that makes you small, insignificant, and helpless. From my perspective, that is the real problem.

That is the problem: guilt. That guilt I see it to too many people in coaching and therapy sessions. That guilt that makes us to forget we are human who experienced LIFE on this planet. That guilt that makes us live in the past, with shame. That guilt who learned from our parents in order to survive and being loved.

And all of these are available also for mistakes, errors, trials, and experiments. Every time we associate those action with guilt, we started to live like a victim. Because we can make mistakes, we can make errors, we can make trials and we can make experiments. And we do. A lot of mistakes, a lot of errors, a lot of trials and a lot of experiments. This is human living. But, please, with no guilt! Because what is a mistake with guilt? Destiny in the past!

In fact, there is no problem for me. I really have no problem because this is not my problem. We are 8 billion people on earth, and we have 8 billion lifestyles. Every human being decide how he/she is living his/her LIFE. Every human being decides his/her principles, his/her values, his/her beliefs and his/her way of life. Sometimes happens to share common principles, common values, common beliefs, or common ways of life. Sometimes we don’t. And this is OK. That’s way I don’t believe in SIN. Because I believe in LIFE.

Thank you!

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